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Sep. 18, 2021

PF-06835919: A First-in-Class Ketohexokinase (KHK) Inhibitor


first-in-class ketohexokinase (KHK) inhibitor oral candidate in Ph. II for NAFLD/NASH from frag.-based screening, SBDD, and opt. J. Med. Chem., Sep. 27, 2020 Pfizer, Cambridge, MA / Groton, CT

Drug Hunter Team

PF-06835919 is an oral first-in-class clinical candidate for NAFLD/NASH targeting ketohexokinase (KHK), an enzyme which initiates the metabolism of fructose. The authors describe a very elegant structure-based design campaign to improve a modestly active, quickly cleared lead molecule into this highly potent, permeable, bioavailable, and [...]



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