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Julien Lefranc
Oncology Drug Discovery and Degraders
Ron Li
General Medicine
Christian Kuttruff
Respiratory Disease Drug Discovery & Business Development
Callie Bryan
Immunology & Kinase Drug Discovery
Jacob Schwarz
Neuroscience Drug Discovery
Dian Su
Drug Metabolism and Pharmocokinetics (DPMK)
Anthony Vaganos
Adi Murthy
Cell Biology and Cancer Immunology
Naomi Rajapaska
Respiratory Disease Drug Discovery
Bryan McKibben
Medicinal Chemistry
Michael Walters
CNS Drug Discovery
Pablo Martín-Gago
Hit Discovery
Ravi Kurumbail
Structural Biology & Biophysics
Oliver Philps
Medicinal Chemistry and Competitive Intelligence
Ben Milgram
Medicinal Chemistry, Oncology
Brad Savall
CNS Drug Discovery
Yan Chen
Immunology and Kinase Drug Discovery
Charles Cole
Medicinal Chemistry, Oncology
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