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Sep. 18, 2021

"compound 9": Pibrentasvir Prodrug Improves Solubility

"compound 9"

trimethyl-lock prodrug of HCV NS5A inh. improved bioavailability in preclinical species from derivatization of pibrentasvir J. Med. Chem., Sep. 3, 2020 AbbVie, North Chicago, IL

Drug Hunter Team

“compound 9” is an investigational prodrug of pibrentasvir (ABT-530), a key component of AbbVie’s marketed HCV combination Mavyret. Pibrentasvir (PIB) is the largest approved oral small molecule since 1983 (MW = 1113, not including the peptide semaglutide at MW = 4113), and came with some solubility issues (aq. sol. pH 7 = <0.0001 mg/mL). The [...]



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