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oral ELP1 ex20 splicing modulator

rescues motor coordination in FD mouse model

opt. from natural product from 1K cmpd screen

bioRxiv, 04 November 2022

Mass General Research Institute / PTC Therapeutics

PTC258 chemical structure oral ELP1 ex20 splicing modulator- Mass General Research Institute / PTC Therapeutics
3 mins read

An oral, brain-penetrant splicing modulator targeting ELP1. Incorrect splicing of the Elongator complex protein 1 (ELP1) gene causes Familial Dysautonomia (FD), a neurodegenerative disease that results in uncoordinated movement, blindness through retinal degeneration, and risk of unexplained sudden death, among other symptoms. A single T-to-C nucleotide change in the 5’ splice site of ELP1 intron 20 leads to skipping of ELP1 exon 20 and a reduction in ELP1 protein in the CNS and PNS. There are no effective treatments for FD, though antisense oligonucleotides, modified exon-specific U1 small nuclear RNAs, and splicing modulator compounds have been investigated. PTC258 is an oral, brain-penetrant small molecule that increases functional ELP1 protein levels in the CNS by correcting splicing of mutant ELP1 pre-mRNA.…

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