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Oct. 29, 2022

Neflamapimod: an Oral, Brain-Penetrant p38α Kinase Inhibitor


oral p38α kinase inhibitor Ph. II candidate in neurology from SBDD and opt. Nat. Commun., Sep 21, 2022 EIP Pharma Inc, Boston, MA / Vertex, Cambridge, MA

Drug Hunter Team

Neflamapimod (EIP Pharma, VX-745 ) is an oral, brain-penetrant p38α kinase inhibitor under development for neurodegenerative disorders. Among the roles of p38α MAPK is the activation of Rab5 , a small endosome-associated Ras GTPase that regulates intracellular trafficking pathways. This, coupled with the involvement of Rab5 in the [...]



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