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MIW815 (ADU-S100)

STING agonist

Ph. II candidate for met. H&N cancer

from SBDD of endogenous ligand

Clin. Cancer Res.

Aduro (Chinook Therapeutics)

STING agonist - Aduro (Chinook Therapeutics)
2 mins read

MIW815 (ADU-S100) is a first-in-class STING agonist for cancer immunotherapy. Agonism of the STING (stimulator of IFN genes) receptor, true to its name, leads to stimulation of type I IFN production, aiding the antitumor immune response. Systemic activation of STING, however, may lead to negative immunologic effects such as cytokine storm. In part due to the possibility of side effects and in part due to the PK properties of STING agonists, most STING agonists have been tested with intratumoral administration, with the hope of priming the immune system to trigger an abscopal effect that would allow a broader response. Unfortunately, while partial responses were seen at the site of injection, no substantial activity was observed, resulting in the termination of…

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