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Feb. 16, 2024

GDC-1971: A $100M SHP2 Inhibitor Acquired from Relay Therapeutics


oral allosteric SHP2 inhibitor Ph. I for advanced or metastatic solid tumors virtual screening with MD simulation based on known matter J. Med. Chem., September 2023 Relay Therapeutics, MA / Genentech, CA

Drug Hunter Team

GDC-1971 is an orally bioavailable allosteric inhibitor of the SHP2 phosphatase discovered by Relay Therapeutics, and in clinical development by Genentech both as a monotherapy and in combination with several anticancer therapies. SHP2 inhibitors are being hotly pursued since they may combine with numerous classes of clinically important agents. This article provides a primer on SHP2 as an oncology target, the disclosed molecules in the space, how RLY-1971 was identified, and what the industry is watching for.



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