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Sep. 5, 2023

A Novel Class of Brain-Penetrant, Covalent Antiparasitic Drugs from Novartis


irreversible trypanosomal topo. II inhibitor efficacy in Chagas and sleeping sickness models from phenotypic screen against trypanosomes Science, June 29, 2023 Novartis (NITD), Emeryville, CA / Singapore

Drug Hunter Team

Recently, Novartis disclosed a new class of brain-penetrant, covalent agents against kinetoplastid parasites in Science. Kinetoplastid parasites cause Chagas disease (T. cruzi), sleeping sickness (T. brucei), and leishmaniasis (Leishmania), but there are few effective treatment options, especially for infections in the brain (e.g. stage II sleeping sickness). Novartis’s cyanotriazoles have a novel mechanism of action that



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