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Sep. 28, 2022

Compound 7: an Oral Trypanosoma brucei 20S Proteasome Inhibitor for Human African Trypanosomiasis (HAT)

compound 7

oral 20S proteasome inhibitor efficacy in stage II mouse model of HAT 3 million cmpd HTS and SBDD J. Med. Chem. Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research, Emeryville, CA

Drug Hunter Team

“ Compound 7 ” (NIBR) is an oral Trypanosoma brucei 20S proteasome inhibitor being developed for Human African Trypanosomiasis (HAT). African sleeping sickness , or HAT, is caused by a parasite in the genus Trypanosoma .  The parasite is spread by the Tsetse fly, and the lifecycle of the parasite involves a phase in the blood of the [...]



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