Drug Discovery Webinars, Events, and Conferences

Here is a list of upcoming drug discovery webinars, drug discovery conferences, and other drug discovery events. We’re working on building a self-service option, but until then please reach out to [email protected] if you have a drug discovery conference, webinar, or event you’d like to list.

Drug Discovery Events in 2021 | 2022+ | Past Events

EventMeeting DateLocationOrganizationType
AACR Virtual Special Conference: Brain Cancerhttps://www.aacr.org/meeting/brain-cancer/registration/Oct. 25-26, 2021VirtualAACRCancer Research Conference
Innovations in Drug Discovery to Enable Targeted Therapies for Unmet Medical Needshttps://www.grc.org/medicinal-chemistry-conference/2021/Oct. 24-29VirtualGRCDrug Discovery Conference
Principles and Strategies for the Discovery of Small Molecule Leads and Drugshttps://www.grc.org/medicinal-chemistry-grs-conference/2021/#Oct. 23-24West Dover, VTGRCMedicinal Chemistry Conference
Innovations in Drug Discovery to Enable Targeted Therapies for Unmet Medical Needshttps://www.grc.org/medicinal-chemistry-conference/2021/#Oct. 24-29West Dover, VTGRCMedicinal Chemistry Conference
Nonclinical Reproductive Toxicity Studies: Fundamentals, Regulatory Trends, and Case Studieshttps://www.pbss.org/aspx/eventInfo.aspx?eID=732Nov. 3 - Nov. 4ZoomPBSS
Bay Area Chemistry Symposiumhttps://www.bayareachemistrysymposium.com/#Nov. 5Foster City, CAACS / Gilead SciencesChemistry, Drug Discovery Conference
Gordon Conference - Computer Aided Drug Designhttps://www.grc.org/computer-aided-drug-design-conference/2021/#Nov. 7-12West Dover, VTGRCComputational Modeling and Cheminformatics Conference
2nd AACR-KCA Joint Conference on Precision Medicine in Solid Tumorshttps://www.aacr.org/meeting/2nd-aacr-kca-joint-conference-on-precision-medicine-in-solid-tumors/Nov. 10-11VirtualAACR
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Drive Therapeutic Drug Discoveryhttps://www.pbss.org/aspx/eventInfo.aspx?eID=743Nov. 17 - Nov. 18ZoomPBSS
T Cell Functional States: A Deep Dive in Cancer Immunotherapy Targetshttps://www.sitcancer.org/education/deepdiveNov. 18VirtualSITCCancer Research Conference

Drug Discovery Events in 2022

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Past Events

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