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“Drug Hunter saves me days, if not weeks of reading each month.”
  • Peter Meinke

    “I continue to be surprised on how the issues your publication touches on routinely seems to impact our work lives in the sense of prompting conversations, prompting literature or patent searches based on the work of others facing similar challenges. The value of this very direct effect can’t be overstated given the technical challenges we face at work every day.”

    Peter Meinke

    Sanders Director, Tri-I TDI + 28 yrs at Merck

  • Anthony Romero ORIC

    “Drug Hunter has been great. I regularly check with my team and they all say they like it and use it. My team has benefited from this site with keeping up to date of the latest and greatest. Drug Hunter provides facts, data and information that we can learn from. I have even used some of the sites info in my group meetings.”

    Anthony Romero

    Sr. Director, Head of Chemistry, ORIC Pharma, prev. Genentech, Merck

  • Mike Johnson 2

    “A colleague suggested I check out drughunter.com, and it quickly became a go-to resource for me to stay up-to-date with the field of small molecule drug discovery. Every week new content is added that is current, easy to preview and with citations for a deeper dive.”

    Mike Johnson

    VP Chemistry, Azkarra Therapeutics

  • Steven Van der Plas

    “I find your website really useful, especially the case studies. The chemists and I use it and it helps us keep our finger on the pulse of such an evolving field.”

    Steven Van der Plas

    Director, Medicinal Chemistry, iTEOS Therapeutics, 12 yrs at Galapagos

  • Daljit Matharu

    “I think the content is VERY comprehensive and caters to a wide audience ranging from early stage drug discovery scientists to seasoned drug hunters, whether that be in smaller biotechs or large pharma companies. The standout feature for me is the “Molecules of the Month”, as it serves as a source of inspiration for coming up with new design ideas for one’s own projects. I…

    Daljit Matharu

    Sr. Scientist, Large Pharma

  • Nilesh Zaware

    “Firstly, I would like to thank you for the great work that you are doing. I am an avid follower of the Drug Hunter website and find the resources provided to be invaluable. The PK cheat sheet, Topliss tree information, and concise updates on industry developments are particularly noteworthy.”

    Nilesh Zaware

    Principal Scientist, Halda Therapeutics

  • Peter Bernstein

    “Your article prompted me to obtain access to your “Premium” collection and I was pleasantly surprised to discover multiple examples that were high quality, even though they were not peer reviewed publications. I then spent some more time on your site and was pleased to discover that it included resources useful to any medicinal chemist.”

    Peter Bernstein

    Principal, SAB Member, Editor

  • Director of Medical Chemistry Vincent Guerlavais

    “Drug Hunter helps keep me up to date with the scientific literature and saves me so much valuable time. Please continue the excellent work!”

    Vincent Guerlavais

    Senior Director of Medicinal Chemistry, Sarepta Therapeutics / Publicly Listed Biotech

  • Mark Taegon Baik Arum

    “I like Drug Hunter! I realize that the team puts so much time and effort into this work and it is not easy work. It is a key opinion leader in the industry. I want Drug Hunter to go on forever. It’s really good!”

    Mark Baik

    Founder and CEO, Arum Therapeutics / Privately Held Biotech

  • Profile photo of Drug Hunter contributor Berenger Biannic

    “When I need to find information, I know that I can find it on Drug Hunter. This is what was always missing in our field. I’ve been designing drugs for years and the most frustrating part is learning on your own. You may need to go through hundreds of articles to find the information you need. Drug Hunter cuts down on a lot of this!”

    Berenger Biannic

    Associate Director, Drug Discovery, Essa Pharma / Publicly Listed Biotech

  • Ryan Henry Aleksia

    “I like that the content is written in a straightforward style.”

    Ryan Henry

    Associate Director, Aleksia Therapeutics

  • Profile photo of Drug Hunter contributor Cyril Bucher

    “Drug Hunter has a great overview of what is happening in our field, saves time on scouring through news feeds, literature and irrelevant stuff that comes up. It is a tool specifically for people like me to weed out the noise. Big time saver.”

    Cyril Bucher

    Drug Discovery Scientist, Denali Therapeutics / Publicly Listed Biotech

  • Ben Horning Vividion

    “I am way more on top of the med. chem literature because of Drug Hunter!”

    Benjamin Horning

    Senior Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry, Vividion Therapeutics

  • “Personally, I find the premium subscription very useful. As you mentioned in your talk it is hard to find all the information on the latest approvals and trials in a distilled and ready to consume fashion. So, I really appreciate the work done by the DH group.”

    Karthik Iyer

    Principal Scientist, Arrakis Therapeutics

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