A Deuterated Ruxolitinib Derivative Among 14 Other Recent Notable Molecules

Here’s a preview of two molecules acquired in January 2023 among 14 mentioned in this article:

deuruxolitinib (CTP-543) 

deuruxolitinib (CTP-543) 

JAK1/2 inhibitor

acquired by Sun Pharma from Concert for $0.576B

This molecule, a deuterated version of JAK1/2 inhibitor ruxolitinib (Opzelura, Incyte), has received Breakthrough Therapy designation from the FDA and is being acquired by Sun Pharma via Concert in a $0.576B transaction. The oral molecule is in Ph. III for alopecia areata, or autoimmune hair loss, and demonstrated remarkable efficacy over 24 weeks at 8-12 mg BID, with a comparable safety profile and dose to ruxolotinib (15-20 mg BID). While deuterium incorporation can modulate drug metabolism, it is not clear how it scientifically differentiates from ruxolitinib or other JAK inhibitors beyond a longer patent life enabling development for this new indication.

saridegib (IPI-926) 

saridegib (IPI-926)

SMO inhibitor

acquired by PellePharm (BridgeBio) from Sol-Gel Technologies for ~$75M

This SMO inhibitor derived from the natural product cyclopamine, one of the first known SMO inhibitors, was passed from BridgeBio company PellePharm to Sol-Gel Technologies for ~$75M. The hedgehog signaling pathway inhibitor is being studied in Gorlin syndrome and basal cell carcinomas as a topical agent to mitigate systemic toxicities.

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