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FIC oral, once-daily, dual ETA/AT1 antagonist

FDA-approved for proteinuria reduction in primary IgAN

opt. of known ETA/AT1 antagonist

FDA accelerated approval, February 17, 2023

Travere Therapeutics, San Diego, CA

sparsentan, FIC oral, once-daily, dual ETA/AT-1 antagonist, FDA-approved for proteinuria reduction in primary IgAN, TRAVERE THERAPEUTICS, SAN DIEGO, CA
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An old BMS program revitalized as a first-in-class drug in a new indication. Despite Travere Therapeutics having a checkered industry history due to ties to Martin Shrkeli, there appears to be potentially differentiating efficacy for sparsentan’s (Filspari) accelerated approval thanks to its novel dual-antagonistic mechanism. It’s also another example of a large pharma program (BMS346567) finding a new life in a different indication. Sparsentan’s approval represents the first non-immunosuppressive therapy for IgA nephropathy (IgAN), a rare kidney disease.  A company with a checkered history, but an efficacious drug for rare kidney disease. Travere Therapeutics was originally named Retrophin and founded in 2008 by Martin Shkreli. The company fired the CEO in 2014 after Shkreli raised the price of tiopronin by…

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