12 minute read
Mar. 30, 2024

KT-474: The First Clinically Active Heterobifunctional Degrader Outside Oncology


oral IRAK4 degrader Ph. II in AD and HS from SBDD of ligands for CRBN, IRAK4, and linker Nature Medicine, Nov. 2023 Kymera Therapeutics, Watertown, MA


Kymera's KT-474 is the first oral degrader to demonstrate activity in clinical trials outside cancer and Sanofi recently started a Ph. II trial with the molecule in AD, restoring life to IRAK4 as an immunology target. This article highlights several reasons why Kymera’s KT-474 program is scientifically notable, including how it differentiates from small molecule inhibitors, potential competitiveness with biologics, the first reported cryo-EM ternary complex of a heterobifunctional degrader, and why this 2023 Molecule of the Year Nominee will likely be considered a “landmark in drug discovery” for some time.



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