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Jan. 16, 2024

JNT-517: A First-In-Class Amino Acid Import Inhibitor from Reactive Affinity Probe Screening with Potential to Treat PKU


oral allosteric SLCA6A19 inhibitor Ph. Ib for PKU from RAPID screen for cryptic allosteric modulators First Disclosures, ACS Fall 2023 Jnana Therapeutics, Boston, MA

Drug Hunter Team

Jnana Therapeutics recently disclosed the discovery of their first-in-class cryptic allosteric SLC6A19 inhibitor JNT-517 to treat phenylketonuria (PKU). This is a notable case study employing a novel lead generation approach with photoaffinity probes, leading to a clinical candidate for a historically challenging-to-drug target class.

Read the Drug Hunter case study to learn how Jnana used their RAPID technology to quickly generate allosteric inhibitor hits, the SAR that led to the discovery of JNT-517, and why the molecule is notable.



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