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  • Profile photo of Drug Hunter contributor Cyril Bucher

    “Drug Hunter has a great overview of what is happening in our field, saves time on scouring through news feeds, literature and irrelevant stuff that comes up. It is a tool specifically for people like me to weed out the noise. Big time saver.”

    Cyril Bucher

    Drug Discovery Scientist, Denali Therapeutics / Publicly Listed Biotech

  • Frontal headshot image of Hillary Beck

    “I look forward to reading the summaries that come out every month. It helps me keep up to date on what’s going on in the industry.”

    Hilary Beck

    Senior Director, Head of Medicinal Chemistry, Eikon Therapeutics / VC-Backed Biotech

  • Profile photo of Drug Hunter contributor Berenger Biannic

    “When I need to find information, I know that I can find it on Drug Hunter. This is what was always missing in our field. I’ve been designing drugs for years and the most frustrating part is learning on your own. You may need to go through hundreds of articles to find the information you need. Drug Hunter cuts down on a lot of this!”

    Berenger Biannic

    Associate Director, Drug Discovery, Essa Pharma / Publicly Listed Biotech

  • Director of Medical Chemistry Vincent Guerlavais

    “Drug Hunter helps keep me up to date with the scientific literature and saves me so much valuable time. Please continue the excellent work!”

    Vincent Guerlavais

    Senior Director of Medicinal Chemistry, Protagonist Therapeutics / Publicly Listed Biotech

  • Testimonial image

    “The thing I like most about it is the concise, to-the-point presentation of the relevant information in an easily digestible format, that is readily accessible to all, from experienced drug hunters to scientists who are just starting their careers. The time-savings achieved by using Drug Hunter are another major selling point. Keep up the good work, folks!”

    David Barrett

    Executive Director, Science and Strategy Advisor, Astellas Pharma

  • Testimonial image

    “I like Drug Hunter! I realize that the team puts so much time and effort into this work and it is not easy work. It is a key opinion leader in the industry. I want Drug Hunter to go on forever. It’s really good!”

    Mark Baik

    Founder and CEO, Arum Therapeutics / Privately Held Biotech

  • Testimonial image

    “The cheat sheets that are published are great. Having a centralized resource of those is super helpful. When I recently onboarded a new team member, I taught her about Topliss trees using Drug Hunter. I am way more on top of the med. chem literature because of Drug Hunter!”

    Benjamin Horning

    Senior Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry, Vividion Therapeutics

  • Testimonial image

    “I don’t know of anything similar to this. It’s great that I can visit the site and get a pointer to recent important papers in the field. With the article annotations, I also get a perspective I may not get just by reading papers myself.”

    Matthew Robinson

    Computational Chemist, PostEra

  • Portrait image of TJ Bing Pharmaron

    “I know I can find new information, targets, and compounds on Drug Hunter each month, which has been really helpful. It’s a good website to see the latest news in drug discovery!”

    TJ Bing

    Senior Group Leader, Pharmaron

  • Director of Pharmalex business development Trevor Brett

    “Drug Hunters highly informed, relevant science, category-leading approach is time saving, cost saving and importantly a consistent source of inspiration for new Product Development programs. More like this please Drug Hunter!”

    Trevor Brett

    Director of Business Development, Pharmalex

  • Testimonial image

    “I like that Drug Hunter shows condensed information about what is at the forefront of medicinal chemistry at the moment. The molecules are great, I would otherwise have to sift through a lot of articles to find these drugs. I am very satisfied with Drug Hunter.”

    Grant Shibuya

    Medicinal Chemist, RAPT Therapeutics / Publicly Listed Biotech

  • Chris Dockendorff

    As both an academic and (most recently) an industrial medicinal chemist, the Drug Hunter resources have been very helpful so far. I’ve passed along several of the excellent primer/cheat sheets to my own students, and the lists of CROs and investors have been helpful for company building. Of course, the Molecules of the Month, and the deep science and strategy behind their structures shared in…

    Chris Dockendorff

    Academic, Industrial Chemist

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