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Nov. 14, 2023

Zunsemetinib: A p38α-MK2 Complex Inhibitor Intended for Inflammation


oral p38a-MK2 inhibitor Ph. IIa for hidradenitis suppurativa (failed) rational design from ATP-competitive molecule Press release, March 6, 2023 Confluence, MO / Aclaris Therapeutics, PA

Drug Hunter Team

Zunsemetinib (ATI-450, CDD-450) is a p38α- MK2 complex inhibitor discovered by Confluence Technologies and developed by Confluence spinout, Aclaris Therapeutics. The molecule has a unique molecular glue-like mechanism of action that held promise in immunology, but sadly recent results have led to its discontinuation. This article reviews the target, its mechanism, and why it mattered.



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