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Merck PCSK9 Inhibitors

macrocyclic PCSK9/LDLR PPI inhibitor

oral PD in Ph. I with MK-0616

from mRNA display screen and SBDD

published example: compound 44

Merck & Co.

Merck oral PCSK9 inhibitor macrocycle chemical structure drug hunter molecules of the year
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MK-0616 is a macrocyclic PCSK9 inhibitor with demonstrated once-daily PCSK9-lowering and LDL-cholesterol-lowering activities in a human clinical trial (<300 mg QD). Currently PCSK9-targeting therapies are only available by injection, and the cost-benefit of using large molecules to lower cholesterol has been hotly debated. Identification of oral PCSK9 inhibitors has been something of a “holy grail” for the field, but difficult to achieve due to the poor ligandability of the target. While MK-0616 has not been formally published, related macrocycles have been disclosed that illustrate the concept. The Merck bicyclic macrocyclic peptide PCSK9 inhibitor, “compound 44,” is a highly potent (Ki = 0.00239 nM) and orally bioavailable (cyno %F = 2.9, t1/2 = 10 h) agent that demonstrated in vivo  target…

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