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Dec. 10, 2023

JNJ-54175446: A P2X7 Ion-Channel Antagonist for Neuroinflammation in Depression


P2X7R antagonist Ph. II for major depressive disorder from prior P2X7R CNS penetrating leads Transl. Psychiatry, July 24, 2023 Janssen, La Jolla, CA

Drug Hunter Team

JNJ-54175446 is an oral, CNS-penetrant P2X7 ion channel antagonist targeting a novel pathway linking neuroinflammation and depression, with recently published Ph. I data in major depressive disorder (NCT02902601, initiated in 2016). The Janssen program is notable as a pioneering early example of a neuroinflammation program started at a time before NLRP3 or neuroimmunology were commonly discussed topics, as they are today [...]



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