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Nov. 3, 2021

Atabecestat: The First Patented BACE1 Protease Inhibitor

atabecestat (JNJ-54861911)

first patented BACE1 protease inhib. of series Ph. II/III in Alzheimer’s, discontinued (tox.) from phenotypic screen and SBDD J. Med. Chem., Feb. 15, 2021 Shionogi Pharmaceutical, Osaka, JP

Drug Hunter Team

The Shionogi BACE1 aspartyl protease inhibitor, atabecestat (JNJ-54861911) is an oral, brain-penetrant compound that was advanced into the EARLY Ph. IIb/III clinical trial for treatment of preclinical Alzheimer’s disease (AD) patients. The starting point was identified from a phenotypic HTS, and was the first thiazine-based BACE1 disclosed [...]



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