Drug Hunter Live Events

We host gatherings for drug discovery professionals in biotech hubs all over the world.

“Many thanks to Drug Hunter for hosting in NYC. It was delightful to meet so many people from different segments of the drug discovery field. I strongly recommend participation in future Drug Hunter gathering events for all biologists, chemists and therapeutic area experts to interact and build professional relationships. Thank you again to Dennis and his team!” – Kelvin Lam, VP of Business Development, Reaction Biology

“The event was very well organized. It was amazing to see friends that I didn’t get to see in a long time…It was also great seeing and reconnecting with former co-workers who I didn’t see for at least 4 years and get to hear how their careers have developed first hand. Initiating conversations with people from the industry who I didn’t know before was also ‘made easy’ by the event organizers. Dennis is a master of introducing people….In my opinion it was a highly successful event all around.” – Dennis Koester, Principal Scientist, Novartis

We have several formats of events, including:

Drug Hunter Mixers, which are invitation-only and typically involve 50-150 people. We provide guests with food and drink, and sponsors have the opportunity to send representatives, display their logo and brand materials, be announced by the host, or briefly address the audience.

Drug Hunter Dinners are private, invitation-only gatherings of small groups of 10-12 people who are typically senior leaders in the industry. Sponsors may help invite guests and send a representative to join.

Drug Hunter Flash Talks are online events that often attract hundreds of viewers. Sponsors may co-host or prepare a presentation on a topic in their area of expertise or sponsor a talk by the Drug Hunter team on a relevant topic.

Drug Hunter Thought Leadership Sessions are presentations of highly technical topics for experienced invited guests. Sponsors can have their brand introduced by the presenter and be featured in event marketing materials and presentation deck.

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