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Mar. 20, 2024

ACS Spring 2024: First Time Disclosures

Drug Hunter Team

The highly anticipated First Time Disclosures session at the ACS Spring 2024 Meeting in New Orleans presented a variety of new orally available small molecules. As has been tradition over the last five years, this session was chaired by Nicole Goodwin who is passing the organization baton to H. Rachel Lagiakos for the foreseeable future. Thank you Nikki for your valuable contributions to this session over the last five years! In case you missed any of these exciting molecules, from Oric’s CD73 inhibitor to Deciphera’s first-in-class ULK1/2 inhibitor, this article provides the structures and targets for the novel molecules disclosed at the session. 

The newly disclosed small molecule therapeutics included:

  • ORIC-533 (Oric Pharmaceuticals, presented by Jared Moore): An orally bioavailable CD73 inhibitor with a potential best-in-class profile currently being evaluated in Ph. Ib clinical trials in patients with relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma (NCT05227144).

  • NX-1607 (Nurix Therapeutics, presented by Frederick Cohen): An orally bioavailable inhibitor of Casitas B-lineage lymphoma b (CBL-B) that is undergoing evaluation in a Ph. I trial across multiple oncology indications (NCT05107674).

  • SGR-1505 (Schrödinger, presented by Zhe Nie): An oral MALT1 allosteric inhibitor currently in a Ph. I trial for the treatment of mature B-cell malignancies (NCT05544019).

  • DCC-3116 (Deciphera Pharmaceuticals, presented by Kristen Stoltz): An oral, selective, and first-in-class dual ULK1/2 inhibitor currently in Ph. I clinical trials in combination with RTK pathway inhibitors in patients with advanced or metastatic solid tumors with mutations in the pathway (NCT05957367 and NCT04892017).

  • TNG348 (Tango Therapeutics, presented by Scott Throner): An oral inhibitor of the deubiquitinating enzyme USP1 currently being evaluated as a single agent and in combination with PARP1i in BRCA1/2 mutant or HRD+ cancers (NCT06065059).

  • BLU-222 (Blueprint Medicines, presented by Philip Ramsden): An orally bioavailable and selective CDK2 inhibitor currently under investigation as a single agent and as a combination therapy in a Ph. I/II first-in-human study in patients with advanced solid tumors (NCT05252416). 

Our team will be covering each molecule in more depth in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!


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