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Our Mission

Drug Hunter is a trusted, independent source of curated, factual information for the drug discovery community. Our goal is to provide an inclusive platform that empowers, educates, and connects professional drug hunters, and celebrates the important work being done by the heroes in our industry.

Subscribers to Drug Hunter typically have >12 years of industry experience, nearly half have been drug hunting for two decades or longer, and a significant number serve as senior executives at major public pharma and biotech companies.  Drug Hunter subscribers work in every major public pharma and biotech company in the world, act as venture capitalists and investors, and are generally interested in bringing useful medicines to society.

Our Values

We believe in:

Facts: we’re built on science and data, not opinion or manipulation

Community: drugs are discovered by a community effort, not individuals

Clarity: effective communication is key in a team sport like drug discovery

Curation: your time is valuable, so our information is visual, contextualized, easy to access and comprehend

Context: “why” matters – we don’t share information without tying it to why its important

Why We Started

We love the science and impact of drug discovery. We were tired of seeing only negative press about our amazing industry, so we decided to build something online that’s useful to people like us.

Drug Hunter exists to help drug hunters do what they do best, and celebrate the milestones and knowledge-generating setbacks along the way. Drug Hunter was founded by a drug discovery scientist, and will always be run with a science focus.

If there are more ways we can help you, or if you want to help us in our mission, please get in touch!

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