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This site area is intended to help identify and curate industry suppliers that provide drug discovery equipment of particular interest to professionals. We are working on a self-service option so that listed companies may update it themselves. In the meantime, if your company would like to be listed, please contact [email protected] with the information for the table.

CompanyEst. EmployeesRelevant Specialty
Watershttps://www.waters.comEquipment6,135Mass Spec, Chromatography
Phenomenexhttps://www.phenomenex.com/Equipment623Chromatography Columns
Biotagehttps://www.biotage.comEquipment440Preparative Chromatography
Chiral Technologies (DAICEL)https://www.chiraltech.comEquipment59Chiral stationary phases
Pionhttps://www.pion-inc.comEquipment47Analytical equipment
Genevac (SP)https://www.spscientific.com/ProductCategory/108/Genevac/Equipment27Evaporators

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