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This site area is intended to help identify and curate industry service providers that provide contract drug development or manufacturing services of particular interest to drug discovery professionals. We are working on a self-service option so that listed companies may update it themselves. In the meantime, if your company would like to be listed, please contact [email protected] with the information for the table.

CompanyEst. EmployeesRelevant Specialty
Covance (Labcorp)https://www.covance.comCDMO19,416API Services, CMC, GLP
Catalenthttps://www.catalent.com/CDMO15,000Drug Delivery, Formulation
Almachttps://www.almacgroup.comCDMO3,082API Services, CMC, GMP
Hikalhttps://www.hikal.comCDMO2,500cGMP, Manufacturing, APIs, Intermediates, Custom Synthesis, Process Development, CDMO
Piramalhttps://www.piramal.com/CDMO2,825API Services, CMC, GMP
AMRIhttps://www.amriglobal.com/CDMO2,077Synthesis and Preclinical Discovery Services, GMP
Sai Life Scienceshttps://www.sailife.com/CDMO2,500 API Services, CMC, GMP scale-up & manufacturing, analytical services, analytical R&D, flow chemistry, biocatalysis, HPAPI, lyophilization, cryogenic reactors, and chromatography
Cambrexhttps://www.cambrex.comCDMO1,509Solid State, Drug Delivery, Specialist Processes
PharmaBlockhttps://www.pharmablock.comCDMO500Building blocks, intermediates and APIs, process R&D, CMC, GMP, CDMO
Flamma SpAhttps://www.flammagroup.comCDMO500cGMP API & Intermediates, High value chiral materials, Process R&D, CDMO, CMO
PHT International, Inc.https://phtinternational.com/CDMO215RSMs, intermediates and API services, process R&D, CMC, GMP, CDMO
Ash Stevens (Piramal)https://www.piramalpharmasolutions.com/manufacturing/hpapiCDMO101API Services
Nanosynhttps://www.nanosyn.comCDMO100Custom Synthesis, API, GMP
Argonauthttps://argonautms.comCDMO84GMP Formulation and Drug Product
Accela ChemBiohttps://www.accelachem.comCDMO75Building blocks, CMO, GMP, QC/QA, pilot plant, advanced API
PYRAMID laboratorieshttps://www.pyramidlabs.comCDMO52Formulation and drug product
Lacamas Laboratorieshttps://lacamaslabs.comCDMO50Manufacture of raw materials and intermediates for API
J-Starhttps://j-star.co.jpCDMO34Crystallization, formulation, GMP API

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