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Dec. 17, 2021

Welcome to Phase II

Drug Hunter Team

Dear Drug Hunter,

It's gotten harder and harder to keep up with everything that's going on in the industry. From new company launches to drug approvals, endless publications to regulatory updates, the volume of information drug discovery leaders need to make good decisions seems endless.

Our mission is to save you time by curating industry science. We're proud to announce our new site that's focused on helping keep you up-to-date on new developments, new opportunities, and industry best practices.

While the news doesn't focus on science and journals take too long to read, we're balancing both with easy-to-read, science-focused industry updates.

We're here to help you, and we hope you love the new site!


What's New

Here's a quick run-down of what's new in Drug Hunter Phase II:

To make it easier for you to find information, the site has been reorganized:

  • The Reference Library contains posters, tables, and compilations to save you time revisiting the literature.

  • The Articles section contains case studies, minireviews, and industry highlights to keep you up-to-date and help you generate ideas.

  • Featured Events and Careers now appear on the home page, and the Directory has been expanded with more relevant CROs, CDMOs, and other drug discovery partners.

The things you know and love about Drug Hunter will continue to be free. To support the continued growth of free resources on Drug Hunter, we're introducing a new paid membership option intended for industry leaders and investors who want key details but no longer have time to read everything.

The new professional plan will include slide decks that quickly summarize industry developments, exclusive articles and reference pages, and early access to new features. You can see a free example below.

An example of a slide from the Members' Slide Decks.

We hope you love it, and this is still just the beginning. If you have any suggestions or discover any issues, please let us know! The team continues to work behind the scenes to create new valuable resources for you, and we can't wait to show you what's still in development!

Reflecting on the Journey

It's amazing to see how much Drug Hunter's readership has grown. Today, Drug Hunter serves subscribers from every major biopharma company in the world, hundreds of biotechs, and most major life science investment firms. We want to thank our readers for trusting us with your time. We will continue to work to earn your attention as your primary science- and industry-focused resource.

Finally, I want to acknowledge everyone who's contributed to Drug Hunter so far, in no particular order. This wouldn't exist without you:

Operations: Jessa Aqueza, Melissa Lynch, Milly Bianda, Daniel Blomgren, Kim Fong, Cliff Kuehn, Jasper Frumau, Jason Hu, Giles Partington, Alberto Roig (WePropagate LLC), Olena Danilchenko, Rahul Gupta, Leonard Linde, Jessica Octavio, Paul Rogers, Bob Baldwin, Jennifer Baldwin, Hadley Perkins, Geoff Weber

Content and Design: Dr. Jennifer Huen, Dr. Vinicius Texeira, Dr. Daniel Gedder, Dr. Maria Koyioni, Yusuf Zaim Hakim, Arathi Chintireddy, Dr. Yaoyao Xiong, Dr. Michael Tandiary, Mariadelia Arguello, Dr. Adrian Parodi, Landon Westbrook, Anand Gan, Daniel Henderson Design, Ashley Capps, Cejana Ferreira, Emily Huynh, Jeff Singer, Jennifer Hu, Aleksey Sedetsky, Dani Alfonso, Paige Murray, Dr. Prabhu Mohapatra, Dr. Rebecca Burnham, Dr. Stephane Bandera

Reviewers and Contributors: Dr. Joachim Rudolph, Dr. Kim Huard, Dr. Christian Gampe, Dr. Dian Su, Dr. Christian Kuttruff, Dr. Julien Lefranc, Dr. Michael Koehler, Dr. Callie Bryan, Dr. Ron Li, Dr. Jacob Schwarz, Anthony Vaganos, Dr. Joanna Lee, Dr. Adi Murthy, Dr. Yoana Dimitrova, Dr. Naomi Rajapaska, Dr. Cyril Bucher, Dr. Michael Lambrecht

Advisors: Dr. Gary Geschwind, Matt Sanchez, Nick Sanchez, Casey Rosengren, Gary Yeung

Thank you!



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