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Mar. 29, 2023

Merck's Oral PCSK9 Inhibitor and Nurix's BTK Degrader Among ACS First Disclosures

Drug Hunter Team

The First Disclosures section of the 2023 ACS Spring Meeting in Indianapolis, organized by GSK’s Nikki Goodwin, covers three novel small molecules and an ADC this year.

The molecules include:

  • MK-0616, Merck’s macrocyclic oral PCSK9 inhibitor (presented by Abbas Walji)

  • NX-2127, Nurix’s oral BTK degrader (presented by Jeff Wu)

  • BI 1015550, Boehringer Ingelheim’s PDE4 inhibitor for IPF (presented by Horst Dollinger)

  • ABBV-154, an ADC with a glucocorticoid receptor modulator payload (presented by Adrian Hobson)

More notes on each of the molecules and why they matter appear below. This page will continue to be updated after the conference.

MK-0616, Merck’s macrocyclic oral PCSK9 inhibitor



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