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Mar. 7, 2023

Another KRASG12C Inhibitor in Ph. III, Bayer’s Massive FXIa Ph. III Clinical Trial, and 21 Other Molecules in the News

Drug Hunter Team

In this update of small molecules in the news for February 2023, we will cover recent:

- Molecules in Motion: clinical trial updates and FDA filings
- Negative Readouts: halted, discontinued or altered clinical trials 
- Million-Dollar Molecules: recent M&A’s, IPOs, and other fundraising
- Potential Approvals: recent NDA filings and upcoming PDUFA dates
- Where Are They Now? updates on past Molecules of the Month

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Molecules in Motion 


Roche has added RG6330 to the Ph. III B-FAST study investigating multiple therapies as single agents or in combination for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC, NCT03178552), adding another late-stage contender to this competitive field. The new arm will compare RG6330 monotherapy (QD) against docetaxel in second-line KRASG12C-mutant disease. Like approved covalent molecules sotorasib and adagrasib, the compound shuts down oncogenic signaling by locking KRASG12C into the inactive GDP-bound state. KRASG12C is a hotly pursued target that we have covered in depth previously, including articles on sotorasib (Lumakras, Amgen),  MRTX849 (Krazati, Mirati), Revolution Medicines’ RM-018, AstraZeneca’s compound 25, Novartis’s JDQ443, and Boehringer Ingelheim’s BI-0474, among others. This recent article discusses how new inhibitors could differentiate.



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