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Feb. 3, 2022

Advisory Board: Andrew Setikas

Drug Hunter Team


Appointment of Drug Hunter Advisory Board Member: Andrew Setikas

Drug Hunter is pleased to introduce a new member of our Advisory Board, Andrew Setikas.

As Chief Business Officer at California Life Sciences, Andrew Setikas has been at the forefront of record growth for the organization, and during his tenure spearheaded efforts to foster many new partnerships and improved processes that increased the value members receive through their programs.   In this capacity, he has led the membership, marketing, programs, communications, and strategic planning functions for the organization and help CLS rebrand and refocus to become the most impactful life sciences trade association in California.

"Andrew will be a very valuable addition to our Advisory Board as we focus on delivering an unmatched member experience to our drug hunter community.   Andrew is a wonderful partner who thinks win-win, with a long history of building productive relationships in the life sciences industry," says Drug Hunter founder Dennis Hu. "Andrew was among the first to recognize Drug Hunter's potential in serving the life sciences industry, leading to Drug Hunter's first sponsorship from CLS."

When asked about the opportunity to be even more involved with Drug Hunter Andrew responded, “It would be an honor to be part of this team and support Drug Hunter’s efforts to accelerate discovery in life sciences.  I have always had a passion for purpose-driven organizations like Drug Hunter because at the end of the drug discovery process is a patient, who depends on us to find new and more effective solutions.  Drug hunters do that every day and Drug Hunter is a place where those individuals can find the information and community they need to be more effective in their work.”

Andrew joined CLS from Thermo Fisher Scientific in 2019, where he had spent 12 years and most recently served as Senior Director of Business Development, leading a group focused on establishing and growing partnerships in the biotechnology, government, and academic sectors across Thermo Fisher’s entire portfolio of products and services.

Andrew brings over two decades of commercial, marketing, program, product, and regulatory management experience in all areas of the life sciences and prior to Thermo Fisher spent time in both domestic and international roles at Roquette Frères, Adhesives Research Inc, and FMC Corporation where he began his professional career in analytical chemistry and toxicology.  He received his MBA from the University of San Francisco, and dual Bachelor’s degrees in chemistry and Environmental Sciences from Rutgers University.

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