Apr. 18, 2023

Million-Dollar Molecules: A Dual TYK2/JAK1 Inhibitor Licensed to Biohaven, an Oral IRAK4 Degrader Exclusively Licensed by Gilead, a Ph. I AT2R Inhibitor Acquired by Eli Lilly, and more

Drug Hunter Team

This article highlights some recent million-dollar molecules, including:

  • Gilead's exclusively licensed preclinical, oral IRAK4 degrader from Nurix

  • Biohaven's exclusively licensed oral, brain-penetrant, dual TYK2/JAK1 inhibitor from Highlightll Pharmaceutical

  • Eli Lilly's acquisition of a Ph. I oral AT2R inhibitor from Confo Therapeutics

Read about more million-dollar molecules from recent M&A’s, IPOs, and other fundraising from March 2023 below. Where structures are not disclosed, we show some examples from potentially related patents to illustrate what the chemical matter might look like.

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FT-3171 - USP1 inhibitor

[structure not disclosed]

A preclinical USP1 inhibitor was among the assets included in Novo Nordisk’s acquisition of Forma Therapeutics just last year for $1.1B. Novo Nordisk has now announced the transfer of global rights to FT-3171 to Debiopharm for an undisclosed amount. Ubiquitin-specific protease 1 (USP1) is an emerging oncology target and inhibitors of this DNA damage repair (DDR) pathway may be useful treatments in combination with PARP inhibitors for inducing synthetic lethality, where the mutation and loss of one gene is harmless for cancer cells, but simultaneous deletion of a pair of genes can induce cell death. Previously, Forma Therapeutics had anticipated an IND filing in H1 2023. Forma’s USP1 patents include WO2017087837 and WO2020139988.

GS-6791 (NX-0479) - IRAK4 degrader



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