Hope everyone is having a great US Thanksgiving week. This month’s update features quite a few contributions from international companies, including three from Bayer in Germany, a double soft drug from Leo Pharma in Denmark, and others from sites in Poland, Belgium, Spain, China, and India.

Small Molecules of the Month - Oct. 2020

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Links to Articles:

  1. BAY 1214784 (Bayer oral hGnRH-R hormone receptor antagonist clinical candidate)
  2. BAY 1217224 (Bayer oral non-prodrug thrombin (Factor IIa) inhibitor)
  3. CC-90011 (Celgene/Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS)) selective, reversible LSD1 inhibitor clinical candidate)
  4. LEO 39652 (LEO Pharma “dual-soft” topical PDE4 inhibitor soft drug clinical candidate)
  5. OATD-01 (OncoArendi Therapeutics oral, first-in-class CHIT1/AMCase chitinase inhibitor clinical candidate)
  6. AG-636 (Agios Pharmaceuticals dihydroorotate dehydrogenase (DHODH) inhibitor clinical candidate)
  7. “compound 46” (Janssen oral selective brain-penetrant PDE2A phosphodiesterase inhibitor)
  8. “compound 25” (Genentech IRE1 alpha kinase-binding endonuclease inhibitor)
  9. “lipid 10a” (Arcturus tunable lipid for RNA drug delivery)
  10. BAY-6672 (Bayer oral in vivo prostaglandin F receptor GCPR antagonist)
  11. “compound 27” (Sanofi oral in vivo pan-PIM kinase inhibitor)
  12. “EST73502” (ESTEVE oral dual mu-opioid receptor agonist, sigma-1 receptor antagonist clinical candidate)
  13. CG428 (Cullgen CRBN-based TRK kinase fusion protein degrader)
  14. “compound 34” (Lupid oral in vivo PARP1-selective polymerase inhibitor)

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