Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry: Drug Hunter

Are you fascinated by how science impacts society, and love diving deep into the literature to unearth interesting facts? Do you enjoy learning about industry developments, attending conferences, writing literature reviews, hosting journal clubs, or seminars? If you are a curious, rigorous, and investigative researcher and a great communicator, and want to help other scientists in the pharmaceutical industry be more effective in creating new medicines, get in touch!

Drug Hunter (drughunter.com) is a rapidly growing, scientist-led pharmaceutical industry publication focusing on the science of drug discovery. This role will primarily be involved in the researching, writing, and production of high-quality articles on technically complex scientific topics and the hosting of science-focused events and presentations.

This is a full-time position based in the United States. Applicants should include a research summary, relevant research and writing samples, and a CV. The interview process will involve a presentation of the applicant’s past research, a technical presentation by the applicant on a scientific topic relevant to drug discovery, and a technical interview covering chemistry, biology, pharmacology, and other relevant areas. Outstanding students or post-docs with later graduation or completion dates may be considered for a paid internship for the position.

Please apply using this link: Apply to Drug Hunter


  • Efficiently conducts research based on reputable peer-reviewed journals, databases, expert interviews, FDA and other government documents, and other primary sources to support statements of fact in research articles with near flawless interpretation of data
  • Clearly present and communicate complex, scientific information in easy-to-read, digestible short-form articles, slide presentations, and infographics, while preserving scientific accuracy of underlying data
  • Ability to read, write, and speak in tones of voice appropriate for audiences of different levels, from students, to early-career scientists, to industry professionals and investors, with empathy to the underlying needs of the audience
  • Quickly grasps concepts from new fields of science and technology, with an ability to connect-the-dots for how new scientific developments can impact areas of industry need
  • Engages and builds relationships with the industrial and academic scientific communities including through presenting and hosting online and in-person presentations, group events, 1:1 calls, and round-table discussions, continuously exploring new ways to add value to the industrial drug discovery community
  • Manage the editorial process, ensuring supporting assets such as written article content, designed graphics, and videography are proofed, technically accurate, and produced in a timely fashion, and of high scientific quality, and that original, editorial, sponsored, and marketing content publishing goals are regularly met
  • Implements and improves the Drug Hunter editorial process, workflows, and documentation, ensuring internal and external team members have the guidance, resources, and direction needed to deliver outstanding content in an efficient manner
  • Represents Drug Hunter as a pharmaceutical industry maven and industry partner, with a strong reader-, customer-, and partner-focus
  • Contributes high-quality feature articles, editorial articles, and perspective articles of interest to pharmaceutical professionals, and provides briefs and article proposals to the editorial team based on industry insights
  • Fosters a positive culture within the industry and editorial team aligned with the mission and values of the company, prioritizing facts, community, clarity, helpfulness, teamwork, and accountability
  • Maintain a modern understanding of and fluency in: 
    • Advanced organic chemistry, including chemical synthesis and chemical and enzymatic reaction mechanisms
    • Physical chemistry, including kinetics, thermodynamics, and molecular interactions
    • Biochemistry, including biomolecule characterization, properties, and assay and diagnostic techniques
    • Molecular biology, from the central dogma through modern areas of research such as epigenetics, gene-editing technologies, the proteosome pathway, and intermediate molecular-level understanding of common areas such as immunology, oncology, and neurology
    • Medicinal chemistry, including drug-like properties, DMPK, ADMET, hit-finding strategies, lead optimization strategies, and familiarity with historical case studies
    • Pharmacology, including common bioassays, human and animal physiology, common drug mechanisms of action, and the biology of common disease areas, as well as familiarity with common classes of drugs (small molecule, mAb, ADC, oligonucleotides, …)
    • General familiarity with the biopharma industry, including an understanding of the R&D process from target discovery to commercialization and key players in the industrial ecosystem (key companies, CROs, CDMOs, regulatory bodies, regulatory actions, and commercialization case studies)


  • Strong track record of well-written and well-presented peer-reviewed scientific publications, including thoroughly researched literature reviews and conference presentations for audiences in the physical and/or life sciences
  • Advanced, research-based scientific degree (PhD, MD, PharmD) or equivalent work experience in molecular pharmacology, organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, chemical biology, molecular biology, or relevant life science, with deep and broad technical understanding of the science of small and large molecule drug discovery and a general understanding of the inner workings of the pharmaceutical industry
  • 2+ years of relevant work experience in the biotech/pharmaceutical industries and/or experience in adjacent industries such as finance or consulting
  • 2+ years of experience conducting healthcare-related research and writing/editing on topics relevant to pharmaceutical professionals for publication
  • Demonstrated ability to pick up new fields of expertise quickly and work with agility in a growth environment
  • Digitally native, comfortable with social media, software, and new technologies and platforms and eagerness to apply new best practices to a growing organization
  • Excellent written and verbal communication abilities with both technical and non-technical audiences, as well as decision-making, leadership, and analytical skills, ability to make reasoned decisions, contribute to and lead cross-functional teams, and excellent organizational skills
  • This is a fully remote position based in the United States. Location in the State of Oregon or in the US Pacific or Mountain time zones is preferred but not required. Occasional travel may be required. Exceptional, eligible applicants with residency in other jurisdictions such as Canada and the UK may be considered.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • 2+ years of experience directly managing team members or contractors
  • Experience writing for an online publication, including familiarity with content management systems, mass e-mail software, web analytics, and UX testing
  • Experience writing/editing content relating to the pharmaceutical industry

Project or program leadership experience, with a demonstrated ability to influence teams to concrete actions and decisions in a timely manner.

Please apply using this link: Apply to Drug Hunter