2020 Biotech IPOs – Small Molecule R&D Companies

Looking at the pipelines of recent biotech IPOs is a great way to get a snapshot of new technologies and approaches to drug discovery or to see what’s coming in smaller indications. Complementing our recent highlight of large molecule-focused companies, below is a summary of 2020’s class of biotech IPOs focused on small molecule drug discovery.

Download the full PDF by clicking on the image below, and a table with more details appears at the bottom.

Schrodinger	SDGR	undisclosed
Relay Therapeutics	RLAY	RLY-1971
Revolution Medicines	RVMD	RMC-4630
Zentalis Pharmaceuticals	ZNTL	ZN-c5 
Kymera Therapeutics	KYMR	KT-474
Atea Pharmaceuticals	AVIR	AT-527
C4 Therapeutics 	CCCC	CFT7455 
Harmony Biosciences Holdings 	HRMY	pitolisant
PMV Pharmaceuticals 	PMVP	PC14586
Prelude Therapeutics 	PRLD	PRT543 
Kronos Bio 	KRON	entospletinib 
Arcutis Biotherapeutics 	ARQT	roflumilast
Nurix Therapeutics 	NRIX	NX-2127
Repare Therapeutics 	RPTX	RP-3500
Forma Therapeutics Holdings 	FMTX	olutasidenib
Cullinan Oncology	CGEM	CLN-081 (TAS6417)
Olema Pharmaceuticals 	OLMA	OP-1250
Kinnate BioPharma 	KNTE	KIN002787 
Pliant Therapeutics 	PLRX	PLN-74809
Keros Therapeutics 	KROS	KER-047
Aligos Therapeutics 	ALGS	ALG-000184 
iTeos Therapeutics 	ITOS	inupadenant
Praxis Precision Medicines 	PRAX	PRAX114
Oric Pharmaceuticals 	ORIC	ORIC-101
Calliditas Therapeutics AB	CALT	Nefecon
Annovis Bio 	ANVS	ANVS401
Tarsus Pharmaceuticals 	TARS	TP-03
Black Diamond Therapeutics 	BDTX	BDTX-189
Inventiva S.A	IVA	lanifibranor
Athira Pharma 	ATHA	ATH-1017
Foghorn Therapeutics 	FHTX	FHD-286 
Spruce Biosciences 	SPRB	tildacerfont
Lantern Pharma 	LTRN	LP-100 
Ayala Pharmaceuticals 	AYLA	AL-101 (formerly BMS-906024)
Imara 	IMRA	IMR-687
Galecto 	GLTO	GB0139
Lyra Therapeutics 	LYRA	LYR-210 
Graybug Vision 	GRAY	GB-102
Metacrine 	MTCR	MET409
Inhibikase Therapeutics 	IKT	IkT-148009
Virios Therapeutics 	VIRI	IMC-1 (famciclovir + celecoxib)
Lixte Biotechnology Holdings 	LIXT	LB-100
CompanySymbolMarket cap. (Jul. 2021)Lead moleculeLead mechanismsStage Other programs HeadquartersFounded
Schrodingerhttps://www.schrodinger.com/SDGR$5,474 undisclosedMALT1-inhibitor for RR-NHLIND-enablingCDC7, WEE1, HIF2a, SOS1/KRASNew York, NY1995
Relay Therapeuticshttps://relaytx.com/RLAY$3,317 RLY-1971allosteric inhibitor of tyrosine phosphatase SHP2, the latter of which promotes cancer cell survival and growth phase 1RLY-4008: inhibitor of a receptor tyrosine kinase FGFR2 to treat solid tumours, phase 1Cambridge, MA2015
Revolution Medicineshttps://www.revmed.com/RVMD$2,449 RMC-4630 SHP2 inhibitor as the treatment for RAS-addicted cancers phase 2 RMC-5552: inhibitor of mTORC1 to preserve the tumour suppressive activity of 4EBP1 without the undesired inhibition of mTORC2, phase 1; RMC-4550: allosteric inhibitor of SHP2 Redwood City, CA2014
Zentalis Pharmaceuticalshttps://zentalis.com/ZNTL$2,126 ZN-c5 estrogen receptor degrader for the treatment of ER+/HER2- advanced or metastatic breast cancer phase 2ZN-c3: inhibitor of WEE1, a DNA damage response protein, for the treatment of advanced solid tumors, phase 1/2New York, NY2014
Kymera Therapeuticshttps://www.kymeratx.com/KYMR$1,998 KT-474orally bioavailable IRAK4 degrader for the treatment of autoimmune and inflamatory diseasesphase 1STAT3 for tumors and autoimmune diseases, various undisclosedCambridge, MA2015
Atea Pharmaceuticalshttps://ateapharma.com/AVIR$1,970 AT-527oral purine nucleotide antiviral prodrug for COVID-19phase 3antiviral drugs for ssRNA viruses: dengue, HCV NS5B, NS5A, RSVBoston, MA2012
C4 Therapeutics https://c4therapeutics.com/CCCC$1,787 CFT7455 orally bioavailable monofunctional degrader targeting IKZF1/3 for treatment of hematologic malignancies IND-enablingCFT8634: oral bifunctional degradation activating compound targeting BRD9 in some solid tumors, preclinicalWatertown, MA2015
Harmony Biosciences Holdings https://www.harmonybiosciences.com/HRMY$1,683 pitolisantapproved H3 antagonist (pitolisant) in neurological disorders approvedlabel expansion in pediatric narcolepsy, Prader-Willi, myotonic dystrophyPlymouth Meeting, PA2017
PMV Pharmaceuticals https://www.pmvpharma.com/PMVP$1,517 PC14586oral small molecule p53 reactivator for the treatment of solid tumors that have a p53 Y220C mutationphase 1undisclosed: p53 R273HCranbury, NJ2013
Prelude Therapeutics https://preludetx.com/PRLD$1,498 PRT543 inhibitor of PRMT5 for advanced solid tumors and hematologic maliganncies phase 1PRT811: brain penetrant PRMT5 inhibitor for treatment of GBM and CNS metastatic cancers, phase 1; PRT1419: inhibitor of the anti-apoptotic protein MCL1 for selected hematological malignanciesWilmington, DE2016
Kronos Bio https://kronosbio.com/KRON$1,400 entospletinib inhibitor of spleen tyrosine kinase to treat acute myeloid leukemiaphase 2KB-0742: oral CDK9 inhibitor for treatment of MYC-amplified solid tumors, IND-enablingSan Mateo, CA2017
Arcutis Biotherapeutics https://arcutis.com/ARQT$1,375 roflumilasttopical roflumilast cream; roflumilast is an inhibitor of phosphodiesterase type 4 (PDE4) for chronic plaque psoriasis and atopic dermatitisapproved/phase 3ARQ-154: foam formulation of roflumilast, phase 2; ARQ-252: topical JAK1 inhibitor to treat inflammatory dermatologic diseases, phase 2Westlake Village, CA2016
Nurix Therapeutics https://www.nurixtx.com/NRIX$1,309 NX-2127chimeric degrader of BTK for B-cell malignancies phase 1NX-1607: oral Cbl-B inhibitor, various undisclosedSan Francisco, CA2009
Repare Therapeutics https://www.reparerx.com/RPTX$1,240 RP-3500oral ATR inhibitor in solid tumors phase 1/2RP-6306: CCNE1-SL inhibitor to treat cancers, IND-enabling, RP-6306: PKMYT1 inhibitor for cancers; various synthetic lethal targetsSt-Laurent, QC2016
Forma Therapeutics Holdings https://www.formatherapeutics.com/FMTX$1,235 olutasideniboral, brain-penetrant mIDH1 inhibitor for AMLphase 2etavopivat: allosteric PKR kinase inhibitor for the treatment of hemolytic anemias, phase 1; FT-7051: CBP/p300 inhibitor for mCRPC; FT-8225: FASN inhibitor for NASH; CC-95775: BETi for NHL, BI-1701963: KRASi for solid tumorsWatertown, MA2007
Cullinan Oncologyhttps://www.cullinanoncology.com/CGEM$1,197 CLN-081 (TAS6417)oral irreversible EGFR(ex20) inhibitor Phase 1/2aFLT3/CD3 mAb, MICA/B mAb, IL2/12 fusion, CD19/CD3 mAbCambridge, MA2017
Olema Pharmaceuticals https://olema.com/OLMA$1,128 OP-1250ER antagonist to treat metastatic breast cancerphase 1/2n/aSan Francisco, CA2006
Kinnate BioPharma https://www.kinnate.com/KNTE$1,076 KIN002787 RAF inhibitors for BRAF mutants to treat lung cancer, melanoma and other solide tumoursIND-enablingKIN003: FGFR2/3 inhibitor, lead optimisation stage; KIN004: CDK12 inhibitor, lead optimisation stageSan Diego, CA2018
Pliant Therapeutics https://pliantrx.com/PLRX$1,052 PLN-74809dual selective inhibitor of aVb1/6 integrins to treat idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and primary sclerosing cholangitisphase 2PLN-1474: inhibitor of aVb1/6 in F3/F4 NASH-associated liver fibrosis, phase 1South San Francisco, CA2015
Keros Therapeutics https://www.kerostx.com/KROS$1,046 KER-047inhibitor of ALK2 kinase, a TGF-beta receptor for treatment of anemia phase 1KER-050: fusion protein inhibitor of TGF-beta superfamily signling, for treatment of myelodysplastic syndrome, phase 2Lexington, MA2015
Aligos Therapeutics https://www.aligos.com/ALGS$1,022 ALG-000184 capsid assembly modulator to treat chronic hepatitis Bphase 1HBsAg (oligos, ASOs; siRNA); THR-β SM agonistSouth San Francisco, CA2018
iTeos Therapeutics https://www.iteostherapeutics.com/ITOS$894 inupadenantATP-adenosine pathway via A2AR inhibitor for immuno-oncologyphase 1b/2aEOS-448: anti-TIGIT human IgG1 antibody to treat cancers, phase 1Cambridge, MA2011
Praxis Precision Medicines https://praxismedicines.com/PRAX$877 PRAX114GABAA receptor positive allosteric modulators to treat major depressive disoder and permenopausal depressionphase 2PRAX944: small-molecule inhibitor of T-type calcium channels to treat essential tremor, phase 2; RAX-562: persistent sodium current blocker to treat rare CNS disorders phase 1Cambridge, MA2015
Oric Pharmaceuticals https://oricpharma.com/ORIC$806 ORIC-101glucocorticoid receptor antagonist to overcome resistance mechanisms in multiple cancers phase 1ORIC-533: CD73 inhibitor to enhance chemo. or immunotherapy; ORIC-944: PRC2/EED allosteric inhibitorSouth San Francisco, CA2014
Calliditas Therapeutics ABhttps://www.calliditas.se/en/CALT$722 Nefeconnovel oral formulation of approved budesonide for IgA nephropathyphase 3n/aStockholm, SE2004
Annovis Bio https://www.annovisbio.com/ANVS$649 ANVS401oral phenserine for neurological diseasesphase 2ANVS301: ibisnorcymcerineBerwyn, PA2008
Tarsus Pharmaceuticals https://tarsusrx.com/TARS$605 TP-03eye-drop, parasite-specific GABA-Cl inh. to treat Demodex blepharitis phase 3TP-05: preventive treatment for Lyme disease, phase 1; TP-04: treat rosacea, preclinicalIrvine, CA2016
Black Diamond Therapeutics https://www.blackdiamondtherapeutics.com/BDTX$465 BDTX-189oral irreversible HER2/EGFR(ex20) inhibitor to treat advanced solid tumors phase 1BDTX-1535: targets allosteric EGFR mutations and brain penetrant, IND anticipated in 1H 2022Cambridge, MA2014
Inventiva S.Ahttps://inventivapharma.com/IVA$442 lanifibranororal pan-PPAR agonist to induce anti-fibrotic, anti-inflammatory and beneficial metabolic changes in NASHphase 3Odiparcil: decrease the lysosomal accumulation of chondroitin sulfate and dermatan sulfate in patients with certain mucopolysaccharidoses subtypes, phase 3; ABBV157: orally available retinoic acid-related orphan receptor gamma inverse-agonist to treat psoriasis, phase 2Bourgogne-Franche-Comte, FR2012
Athira Pharma https://www.athira.com/ATHA$403 ATH-1017brain-penetrant small molecule that activates signaling via HGF/MET receptor system to treat dementiasphase 2/3n/aBothell, Wa, WA2011
Foghorn Therapeutics https://foghorntx.com/FHTX$379 FHD-286 allosteric BRG1/BRM ATPase inhibitor for AML and uveal melanomaphase 1FHD-609: protein degrader of BRD9 to treat synovial sarcoma, phase 1Cambridge, MA2015
Spruce Biosciences https://sprucebiosciences.com/SPRB$257 tildacerfontoral, brain penetrant CRF1 antagonist to treat congenital adrenal hyperplasiaphase 2bn/aDaly City, CA2014
Orphazyme A/Shttps://www.orphazyme.com/ORPH$188 arimoclimolheat shock protein amplifier for lysosomal storage diseasesNDA rej.n/aCopenhagen, DK2009
Lantern Pharma https://www.lanternpharma.com/LTRN$166 LP-100 oral DNA damaging agent (repaired by TC-NER) for cancerphase 2LP-300: disulfide chemosensitizer, phase 2Dallas, TX2013
Ayala Pharmaceuticals https://www.ayalapharma.com/AYLA$143 AL-101 (formerly BMS-906024)IV gamma secretase inhibitor for cancer treatment, phase 2, granted Orphan drug designation and fast track designation phase 2AL-102: oral gamma secretase inhibitor, phase 1Wilmington, DE2017
Imara https://imaratx.com/IMRA$138 IMR-687oral PDE9 inhibitor for sickle cell disease and beta-thalassemiaphase 2n/aBoston, MA2016
Galecto https://galecto.com/GLTO$133 GB0139inhaled Galectin-3 inhibitor for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosisphase 2bGB2064: oral LOXL2 inhibitor to treat myelofibrosis, phase 1/2a, GB1211: Galectin-3 inhibitor to treat liver fibrosis associated with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) phase 1/2aCopenhagen, DK2011
Lyra Therapeutics https://lyratherapeutics.com/LYRA$110 LYR-210 anti-inflammatory implantable drug matrix containing mometasone furoate (approved) for chronic sinusitisphase 2n/aWatertown, MA2005
Graybug Vision https://www.graybug.vision/GRAY$109 GB-102intravitreally delivered microparticle depot formulation of sunitinib (pan-VEGF inhibitor) for treatment of wet age-related degenerationphase 2bGB-103: pan-VEGF inhibitor to treat wet age-related degeneration, IND-enabling; GB-401: injectable depot formulation of a beta-adrenergic antagonist prodrug to treat primary open angle glaucoma, IND-enablingRedwood City, CA2015
Metacrine https://www.metacrine.com/MTCR$103 MET409oral farnesoid X receptor (FXR) agonist for NASHphase 2MET642 : farnesoid X receptor agonist to treat non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, phase 1 (granted FDA Fast Track designation)San Diego, CA2014
Inhibikase Therapeutics https://www.inhibikase.com/IKT$73 IkT-148009oral, brain-penetrant Abl kinase inhibitor for PDphase 1iKT-001Pro: safer imatinib formulation, iKT-01427: oral, brain-penetrant JC virus entry inhibitorAtlanta, GA2010
Virios Therapeutics https://www.virios.com/VIRI$55 IMC-1 (famciclovir + celecoxib)combo. of approved drugs to provide antiviral activity against herpes simplex virus 1 to alleviate fibromyalgia symptoms phase 2a, FDA Fast Track Review designationn/aAlpharetta, GA2012
Lixte Biotechnology Holdings https://lixte.com/LIXT$40 LB-100IV inhibitor of protein phosphatase PP2A for cancer treatmentphase 1LB-200: histone deacetlase inhibitor, pre-clinicalEast Setauket, NY2005

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