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Drug Discovery Blogs

This table contains a list of some of the best drug discovery blogs and personal sites. These are great places to learn from real-life industry leaders.

practicalfragments.comhttps://practicalfragments.blogspot.com/#BlogPractical Fragments is a useful site edited by Dan Erlanson and Teddy Zartler on important literature in the fragment-based design space.
In the Pipelinehttps://blogs.sciencemag.org/pipeline/BlogDerek Lowe is a drug discovery scientist who's worked at several pharma companies over the decades, and shares a lot of great scientific highlights as well as insightful commentary on the industry.
LifeSciVChttps://lifescivc.com/BlogBruce Booth is a scientist and investor at Atlas Venture, which has a significant focus on backing drug discovery companies. He has great insights and portfolio company execs often contribute interesting entries.
DrugBaronhttps://drugbaron.com/BlogDavid Grainger is a scientist and co-founder of Medicxi, a life-sciences focused VC firm, as well as RxCelerate, a drug discovery CRO. He discusses broad and high-level considerations for creating value-adding drugs.
SugarCone Biotechhttp://www.sugarconebiotech.com/?p=1150BlogPaul Rennert is a scientist and biotech exec who often shares insightful technical commentary on important areas in drug discovery.
Biotech Due Diligencehttp://www.biotechduediligence.com/about.htmlPersonal SiteAndrew Goodwin is an FDA pharmacologist who started his site as a way to share his notes from investing in biotech companies. He shares numerous useful notes and resources throughout.

Explore drughunter.com for more drug discovery resources.