Recent Highlights in Targeted Protein Degradation

In Wednesday’s Flash Talk webinar, we covered recent highlights in targeted protein degradation, with lots of great questions from the audience. The webinar and recording are available below to everyone thanks to our sponsor, Revvity Signals, and the slides are available for download to Premium members at the bottom.

The talk covered:

  • Theoretical advantages of targeted protein degradation over traditional small molecules
  • Recent highlights throughout the industry illustrating these advantages
  • Areas to watch in targeted protein degradation on the horizon

Some of the highlights mentioned in the talk include:

  • IV STAT3 degraders from Kymera Therapeutics (e.g. KT-333 and KT-003)
  • AR degraders and ER degraders from Arvinas (bavdegalutamide/ARV-110, ARV-766, and ARV-471)
  • MDM2 degraders from Kymera (e.g. KT-253)
  • BRAF and allosteric EGFR degraders from C4 and Roche (e.g. CFT1946, CFT8919)
  • IRAK4 degraders from Kymera (e.g. KT-474)
  • BRD9 and BRM/BRG1 degraders from C4 Therapeutics and Prelude Therapeutics
  • BTK degraders from Nurix (e.g. NX-2127, NX-5948)
  • RIPK2 degraders from GSK and PCSK9 degraders from Merck
  • Brain-penetrant degraders
  • A tissue-selective Bcl-XL degrader from Dialectic Therapeutics (DT2216)
  • A cyclin D1 degrader from Mt. Sinai

Recent Highlights in TPD Flash Talk:

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Presentation Slides for Members:

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