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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Premium Molecules of the Month slide decks are found linked on every Molecules of the Month page and unlocked when logged in. Recent individual molecule pages also have in-depth information that is site-searchable. Recent premium-only articles and slide decks can be found on the Premium page in the navigation menu.

    Yes, a receipt is provided with each membership subscription, and custom invoices for company reimbursement can be obtained downloaded directly from the account page online or by contacting billing@drughunter.com.

    Companies, research sites, or departments can purchase access for groups through a corporate account which can easily grant access to subaccounts by company e-mail address.

    A large pharma head of research told us her subscription saves her days, if not weeks of time each month. Consider also the value of getting to a candidate faster with an empowered team, and the cost of a single compound or assay that could be avoided with more context.

    Between time savings and the value of enriched ideas, it’s more expensive not to have a subscription!

    We’re happy to help set up a demo for your team – just contact us at info@drughunter.com

    No, all payments are handled by industry-leading third parties such as Stripe or Plaid. We do not store or handle your sensitive information. See Stripe’s documentation for more information: (https://stripe.com/docs/security/stripe)

    Yes, please submit the request form on drughunter.com/plans or drughunter.com/contact and a team member will be in touch.

    We can work directly with your academic library to set up institutional access. Contact info@drughunter.com if you would like to refer us to your librarian or department.

    Companies can pay by credit or debit card, ACH transfer, wire transfer, or check for annual subscriptions. We’ll work directly with your accounting team to get your team set up!

    You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time online using the membership portal, and cancellations will reflect in the next billing cycle. Annual plans that are cancelled will also not renew on the next billing cycle.

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