Molecules on the Move: April ’23

This article compiles 20+ recent small molecules of general interest in the news in April 2023, with structures where they are available.

Capacity Bio’s MAS Receptor Agonists with $35M Raised for FIH Clinical Trials

Capacity Bio’s MAS Receptor Agonists with $35M Raised for FIH Clinical Trials chemical structure
MAS modulator from WO2022165189
example 107

New start-up Capacity Bio backed by RA Capital, Insight Partners, and Remiges Ventures with $35 million funding is working on taking first-in-class mitophagy agonists into clinical trials, which are expected to start in 2024. The molecules, which appear to target the MAS receptor (a GPCR) based on recent patents, trigger the selective degradation mitochondria by autophagy to achieve mitochondrial turnover and overall higher quality mitochondria with potential benefits in several possible indications. Capacity’s patents include WO2022165189; from which an example structure is shown above.

LY3537982: An Oral Covalent KRAS G12C Inhibitor with Ph. I/II Data

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