Molecules of the Month

August 2022

A covalent KRASG12R inhibitor used as a proof-of-concept for covalent arginine modification, an oral dihydroorotate dehydrogenase inhibitor being developed for acute myelogenous leukemia, and a first-in-class YAP-TEAD protein-protein are some examples of this month's MOTM. In the slide deck, you'll find a compound that has over 1400-fold selectivity for Cathepsin K over other biologically relevant cathepsins and a hydroxylated compound that is more than 1900x more selective than its non-hydroxylated counterpart. Check out all ten minireviews in the slide deck, which covers:

  • Where are the Molecules of the Month in clinical development?

  • What's known about differentiation from previous molecules?

  • Where did the starting points come from?

  • Industry context, mechanism of action details, and more…

Thanks to reviewers Dennis Koester and Bryan McKibben for their nominations and commentary this month.

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