Molecules of the Month

April 2022

Drug Hunter’s April 2022 edition of Molecules of the Month features some emerging small molecule clinical candidates as well as several interesting molecules in preclinical stages for a broad range of indications. Among these are two KRASG12C inhibitors, JDQ443 from Novartis and AZD4625 from AstraZeneca, each with unique chemical structure and binding modes, which set them apart in the highly competitive KRASG12C research space. Several of the featured compounds made their debut this month, with both well-established targets, such as the Nav1.7/1.8 blocker ABBV-318 from AbbVie, and emerging targets, such as the WD40 Repeat Domain 5 inhibitor “compound 41” out of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. Thanks to reviewers Callie Bryan, Bryan McKibben, and Dennis Koester for their nominations and reviews this month. Premium members can access our deep dives into the context, mechanisms of action, preclinical pharmacology, and more.

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