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in vitro ATAD2 inhibitor

Preclinical, oncology

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J. Med. Chem.


in vitro ATAD2 inhibitor - AstraZeneca
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Context. AZ13824374 (AstraZeneca) is an in vitro ATAD2 inhibitor. Reviewer and nominator Julien Lefranc says, “several ATAD2 probes have been published in the past (including GSK 8814, GSCK388, and BAY-850), but so far no compounds have reached clinical trials.” ATAD2 is a bromodomain-containing, chromatin-binding target that is overexpressed in many cancers due to c-Myc coamplification. While ATAD2 inhibition is supported by siRNA target modulation, there is limited pharmacological evidence to support it as a bona fide cancer target.  Prior literature molecules showed limited cellular activity, or activity that is confounded by potential off-target activities. This tool compound is the first to demonstrate significant cellular ATAD2 activity while also being highly selective against BRD4 and other bromodomains, which could confound interpretation…

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