It Takes a Village

with Joachim Rudolph

New drugs are discovered by teams, not individuals.

“Drug discovery is a complex undertaking, and I enjoy the collaboration with many people from different disciplines and expertise areas that it takes to solve this impossible puzzle,” says reviewer Joachim Rudolph.

Drug Hunter also takes a community to build, and we want to celebrate drug discovery leaders in the community like Joachim (and you!).

We heard from our readers that you want to hear more from industry leaders (Kim Huard’s interview, “Don’t Work on Things That Don’t Work,” continues to be one of the most popular articles on Drug Hunter). We’re going to try doing this more often in a “Humans of New York” fashion.

Let us know if you have something to share!

About Joachim

Joachim is a Senior Principal Scientist at Genentech in Discovery Chemistry and Discovery Oncology. He’s been a chemistry team leader and project leader for multiple small molecule discovery programs, and is an Editorial Advisory Board member of J. Med. Chem. and the AACR’s CICR Steering Committee Chair.

Inspired by Imatinib

Joachim thinks the discovery of imatinib is one of the most inspiring drug discovery stories, integrating an intricate understanding of biology, willingness to challenge a druggability dogma, and clinical success.

Many of us take kinase selectivity for granted – kinases were once thought to be undruggable!

The Promise of Induced Proximity

He’s excited about the future, especially in the area of ligand induced proximity. As he says, “bivalent degraders and molecular glues are revolutionizing small-molecule drug discovery.”

It Takes a Village

Everyone in industry knows that it’s impossible to get anything done without teamwork and collaboration. We’re all used to hundred-contributor-long acknowledgment slides and countless co-authors. But working with brilliant teammates is what makes life in industry exciting!

Thank you Joachim and all drug discovery scientists and leaders for your contributions to healthcare!

Feel the same way, or have something else to share? Please get in touch!

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