Highlights from Q1 2022 Webinar Part II

Thank you to all of the drug hunters who attended our second drug discovery webinar! You can find the video and slides at the bottom of this page. In part II of this series we covered:

  • Emerging startups, growing drug discovery companies, and IPOs
  • Clinical readouts, positive and negative
  • Big deals and major regulatory actions

Check out part one to see: 

  • Interesting tidbits from 2022 Q1’s drug approvals
  • Cool facets from some of the recent Molecules of the Month
  • Highlights from recent conference disclosures

We’re excited to continue our webinar series and host the impressive Dr. Kate Jackson from C4 Therapeutics on June 29th. You can sign up for our Drug Hunter web series here:

We now have over 345 guests registered for this next installment of our webinar series. If you have someone you’d love to hear from, let us know, and we’ll work on inviting them over.

Highlights from Q1 2022 Part II Recording

In case you missed Part II, you can check out the video here on our new YouTube channel:

Highlights from Q1 2022 Part II Slides

… and members can download the slides here:

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