Drug Hunter Content Categories and List of Cheat Sheets

List of Content Categories | List of Cheat Sheets

Drug Hunter original content generally falls into a few categories, summarized below. A list of cheat sheets is also summarized below and on the resources page for ease of navigation.

List of Content Categories

Cheat Sheetshttps://drughunter.com/category/cheatsheets/#Contain page-sized graphics with information (e.g. Approved Covalent DrugsLogD Cheat SheetTopliss SchemePK Cheat Sheet)
Case Studieshttps://drughunter.com/category/case-studies/#Discussions of specific drug discovery programs or drug syntheses (e.g. VoxelotorPembrolizumabImatinib)
Articleshttps://drughunter.com/category/articles/#Discussions of specific topics related to drug discovery topics (e.g. Chimeric DegradersLead-Finding)
Companieshttps://drughunter.com/category/drugdiscoverycompanies/#Highlights or summaries of drug discovery companies (e.g. 2019 Small Molecule and Biologic Biotech IPOs)
Highlightshttps://drughunter.com/category/highlights/#Highlights of scientific advances in the industry (e.g. Small Molecules of the Month2019 Biologic Drug Approvals)
Fundamentalshttps://drughunter.com/category/fundamentals/#Discussions of fundamental concepts related to drug discovery (e.g. Square-Cube LawWhy LogD MattersTopliss Cheat SheetsWhat is a Biologic Drug?)
Perspectiveshttps://drughunter.com/category/perspectives/#Discussions of drug discovery industry practices (e.g. Don’t Work on Things That Don’t Work)
Chemistryhttps://drughunter.com/category/chemistry/#Topics tailored to a chemistry audience (e.g. Pd-Couplings Cheat SheetAdventures in Atropisomerism)
Just for Funhttps://drughunter.com/category/drug-discovery-jokes/Drug discovery jokes and other silliness only a drug hunter would find funny (e.g. Drug Discovery Papers Meme)

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List of Cheat Sheets

LogD Cheat Sheethttps://drughunter.com/logdsheet/#Summary of expected LogD and potency shifts expected from common functional group additions
PK Cheat Sheethttps://drughunter.com/pk-cheat-sheet/#Summary of important parameters when considering in vivo studies
Topliss Schemehttps://drughunter.com/topliss/#Graphical summary of the Topliss design scheme
Approved Covalent Drug Mechanismshttps://drughunter.com/covalents1/#Summary of mechanisms of approved covalent drugs
Pd-Couplings Cheat Sheethttps://drughunter.com/pd-couplings-cheat-sheet/#Summary of common Pd-coupling conditions to try first
Unusual Molecular Interactionshttps://drughunter.com/pdbgems/#Summary of unusual molecular interactions detected in X-ray co-crystal structures of inhibitors
Bioactivation of Structural Alertshttps://drughunter.com/bioactivation-of-structural-alerts/#Summary of mechanisms of bioactivation of common structural alerts
Managing DILI Riskhttps://drughunter.com/dilirisk/#Summary of assays and strategies used to mitigate idiosyncratic liver toxicity
Kinase Inhibitor Classeshttps://drughunter.com/kinase-inhibitor-types-predicted-with-machine-learning/#Summary of binding modes of Type I-II kinase inhibitors
2019 Small Molecule Approvalshttps://drughunter.com/2019newdrugs/#Summary of 2019 approved small molecule drugs
2019 Biologic Drug Approvalshttps://drughunter.com/2019biologics/#Summary of 2019 approved biologics

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