There was a hilarious set of memes circulating the internet on scientific papers thanks to’s original comic. Here’s our drug discovery scientist’s parody. Since people expressed an interest in being able to find this again, here it is:

drug discovery papers articles drug discovery xkcd meme dennis hu xkcd xkcd scientific papers meme drug discovery papers meme comic joke a new way to cure cancer in mice we made this fifteen years ago but the trial just failed so here it is pharmacokinetics is really complicated we got really lucky we also did a virtual screen on SARS-CoV-2 spike protein you'll never guess what we found in a sea sponge if you squint you can see a correlation with mw + logD our ai/machine-learning model sees it too, don't know why this was in our library but it makes cells glow in the dark, it took forty of us to get around their patent and here's why their drug's still better, wow have things changed since the 80's yep this target is hard to drug

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