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Our Mission and Who We Serve

Drug Hunter is a trusted, independent source of curated, factual information for the drug discovery community. Our goal is to provide an inclusive platform that empowers, educates, and connects professional drug hunters, and celebrates the important work being done by the heroes in our industry.

Subscribers to Drug Hunter typically have >12 years of industry experience, nearly half have been drug hunting for two decades or longer, and a significant number serve as senior executives at major public pharma and biotech companies.  Drug Hunter subscribers work in every major public pharma and biotech company in the world, act as venture capitalists and investors, and are generally interested in bringing useful medicines to society.

Subscribers from every major global pharma company and hundreds of biotechs

Our Values

We believe in:

Facts: we’re built on science and data, not opinion or manipulation

Community: drugs are discovered by a community effort, not individuals

Clarity: effective communication is key in a team sport like drug discovery

Curation: your time is valuable, so our information is visual, contextualized, easy to access and comprehend

Context: “why” matters – we don’t share information without tying it to why its important

We therefore aim to be:

Professional and trustworthy: our content is unbiased, reliable and high-value: we exist to create value FOR the community

Community-based: we’re built by the drug discovery community for the community

Inclusive and collaborative: if your goal is to bring useful medicines to society, you’re one of us

Clear and visual: we’re not an academic journal, we don’t use jargon if we don’t need to, and we present information in an easy-to-digest format

Positive and helpful: drug discovery professionals are our heroes and we’re here to help them

Our Story

Dennis X. Hu Drug Hunter Genentech Small Molecules Drug Discovery Chemistry Northwestern Stanford Twitter LinkedIn Blog

Drug Hunter was started by Dennis Hu in his free time. Dennis loves the science and impact of drug discovery. He was tired of going online and seeing only negative press about our amazing industry, so he decided to build something online just for drug discovery professionals. Drug Hunter exists to help drug hunters do what they do best, and celebrate the milestones and setbacks along the way.

Together with a team of staff and feedback from reviewers, Dennis continues to build Drug Hunter for the community as CEO and Editor-in-Chief. He is currently based in South San Francisco, California, and is also a drug discovery scientist and team leader for Genentech, a subsidiary of the world’s largest pharmaceutical company, Roche.

Dennis started his career as a scientist and project team leader at a small US biotech startup (backed by GV, The Column Group, and Kleiner Perkins) from its inception to its initial public offering (NASDAQ: RAPT) and was a contributor to Ph. II candidate FLX475. He received his PhD in organic chemistry from Stanford working on asymmetric catalysis as an NSF Fellow and AbbVie Scholar. He completed an MPhil by research from Cambridge on a Churchill Scholarship, and a BA/MS from Northwestern as a Goldwater Scholar studying chemical synthesis.

All content is made independently of the authors’, reviewers’, or editors’ employers and any views expressed are the authors’, reviewers’, or editors’ own and do not represent the views of their employers in any way. Authors and reviewers are not paid by any company they write about and do not own individual equities in any company covered unless otherwise disclosed. Drug Hunter relies solely on public information.

Our Reviewers

Direct feedback from community reviewers (including you!) helps keep Drug Hunter relevant and high quality. Featured reviewers who provide expert insights, commentary and feedback across drug discovery areas can be found here.

Our Team

In addition to our community, authors, reviewers, and editors, our support team makes sure Drug Hunter runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis. They also work behind the scenes on great new site features and content for the drug discovery community. We appreciate their contributions and a few members who have been with us for some time are featured on our team page. You may encounter some of them while giving feedback on the site or while participating in events.

Our Sponsors

Support provided by our non-profit and corporate sponsors helps our team serve drug hunters everywhere. Our sponsors are proud to support drug discovery scientists in our mission to develop transformative treatments for patients. You can learn more about our current sponsors here.


Sponsors interested in partnering with Drug Hunter can connect here. For other inquiries, please email [email protected], and we will respond if it is in the best interest of Drug Hunter and its community. Meeting requests should include a description of specific topics to be discussed and desired action items/outcomes. Due to the large volume of consultation and meeting requests we can no longer respond to all. We greatly appreciate feedback on how we can make Drug Hunter more helpful to you.

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