A Prodrug Bioactivated in the Eye for Ocular Hypertension: Omidenepag

Omidenepag isopropyl (Omlonti) is a prodrug of a prostaglandin E2 (EP2) receptor agonist that reduces pressure in the eye. Upon topical administration to the eye, the molecule penetrates the lipophilic and negatively charged corneal epithelium and is converted to the pharmacologically active form by the enzyme carboxylesterase-1. The selectivity of the molecule for EP2 over related receptors allows it to be efficacious without unusual side effects like abnormal eyelash growth in previous treatments.

Check out the full drug review to learn more about:

  • How EP2 was established as a target
  • How omidenepag was discovered
  • How the drug is different from existing therapies for intraocular pressure
  • Other relevant molecules in the space

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