Of the 2019 biotech IPOs on the major US exchanges, 25 companies are focused on discovering and developing small molecule drugs. Here’s a list of the companies (by market cap at IPO, top to bottom) along with the main mechanisms of action of the lead molecules and other publicly disclosed targets. The largest company by market cap. at the time of IPO was BridgeBio, with a valuation of about ~$2B. The smallest was Hoth Therapeutics, with a total valuation of ~$56M when it IPO’d in Feb. of last year.

2019 Biotech IPOs - Small Molecule R&D Companies

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The total market valuation of all of these companies at the times of their IPOs was about $10.7B. To put things in perspective, a giant like Pfizer spends roughly $8B a year on R&D, Gilead has a market cap of $87B today, and AbbVie bought Pharmacyclics for about $21B a few years ago.

Great to see global investors have maintained an appetite for funding risky drug discovery research to impact many serious conditions. It’ll be interesting to re-visit this list in 5 years to see the impact of all of these clinical candidates!

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